Boi pora

Hello! After a long time here I am penning down my thoughts/ simply just wanted to write a non technical topic. I have been writing about Linux and my last few blogs is all about linux system etc. But today’s blog is about me and my books, hence decoding the title first –> Boi pora –> book reading. Simple! boi pora is said in bengali and I thought that why not start a series where every month I’ll try writing about the book I have read the synopsis about the story.

But before I proceed with my books I wanted to share something happy, I have been a part of an NGO since 2019 and me and my friends started this NGO when we were in our 3rd year of our college. Proud to say that we have been successfully running this NGO and many people have become a part of this, super happy that although me and my friends graduated from the college last year but we have some enthusiastic juniors and people including senior members as well conducting tasks one after the other. Donating cloths, free medical camp checkup, food distribution during Covid-19 and many more activities. You can check our website here. I’ll try writing about each activities experience in my future blogs. Secondly, I became part of a campaign named as Polished Man Campaign. The campaign is about to raise awareness about child abuse or violence/bullying. How I got into this? Well, while watching an interview of one of my favorite artist I noticed that one of his finger nail is painted. Initially I thought that he might be wearing it for "fashion" or he just likes to paint but why not all the fingers? Then few days back I came across an article about him and found that he is an ambassador of this campaign and found that the purpose of this campaign is to paint one of your nail irrespective of your gender and spark a conversation about this issue. I really found this idea innovative and hence I became a part too, donated. "Dil se accha lagta hai kuch karna" I want to be part of these small changes and small changes can make a huge difference.

Now moving onto my first book synopsis and this book was recommended by one of my favorite artist/idol and he is part of one of the biggest boy band. Yup! BTS woohooooo!!!! (okay calm down Darshna hahahahahah!) They are always inspiring me to be better vesion of myself and hence I decided to read every recommended books because it covers a wide range of genres having both fictional and non-fictional book options. Moving ahead the book which I would write this month is Kim Ji Young 1982 by Cho Nam- Joo. The book is about the age old patriarchy coming from ages to ages. And if any women out there reading definitely will feel the situations written down in the book so familiar. What surprised me is this is all over Asia, the Asian pattern is pretty same and this is a deep rooted issue. Although I would recommend this book to any human being out there. A girl named Kim Ji Young telling her story from childhood till she is a married women and the writer’s style is bitter needle poking you. Please give it a read and I hope you will love it. If you want to have a review of this book first, you can check here.

This is it for my this month’s Boi pora, will be back with another Boi pora in next month, till then happy reading and stay safe everyone.

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