First k8s PR merged

I cannot be more happy to share this that my first k8s contribution has been merged. I am so ecstatic; after months of patience I was able to contribute in kubernetes/website. The issue which we were working on was to have hindi documentation for Kubernetes. There are many other languages present but there was none in hindi. Few folks took an initiative to translate the pages in hindi. I found this helpful for me to get started to contributing and hence I took two pages to translate. It would be lie to say if I say that things were easy, on top of that adjusting to new corporate life and taking out time for contribution is serious task. I think I began at the month of August. Translating to your native language was little difficult as one has to do manual translation line by line. True that there is google translate but certain sentences you need to mix up or change according to the convinience for the meaning.

But as days passed I got too busy in other work and could not focus on it, I did raise a PR but there were reviews for my work where I had to improve many parts; but finally my PR was merged and I am so happy. This is just the beginning, among this time I was beginning to loose that will or the direction; questions did arise that why isn’t anything showing up my results? But then again self-realization questioned me did I put enough effort? and hence, self-disappointment hit me on the face. But this PR just made me realise that keep doing your work consistently, things are not bad that as you think. Lastly, I would like to thank my other folks who helped me a lot to understand and review my mistake.

Want to check my merged PR?

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