New Year 2022!

Happy new year everyone, I wish we all stay stronger and be healthy. It has been few months since I last wrote a blog, even though I wanted to write more I somehow realised that more tasks added to my list the priority somewhere to write a blog went down. Re-organizing my list of tasks again. This new year I wanted to write a note to myself.

To me,

Darshna, year 2021 taught you a lot of things. It had both heart breaking and heart mending situations. This year you learnt to come out of your biggest comfort zone, it broke you, it made you fall in biggest dilemna to choose between good and better. You were scared but as days passed you made yourself stronger. You got your first job, true though you wanted much better options but still; something is better than nothing. Luckily, you got yourself in a new work culture. You fell in love with BTS and they changed you into a new person. You slowly started to voice your opinions which earlier you thought did not matter. New people and friends came into your life and you soon realized the impact of positive people in yourself. I know you are thankful to have these people around you. I know you have lot of thoughts going inside your head, you are curious to know what will happen in the coming years, you do not want to sit and just do a 9-5 job. You want to learn, grow and keep adding beutiful memories. But you must remember with light comes shadow and you have to get through the shadow no matter what. At the end you will come out as a stronger and beautiful soul. These scars are your constellation, you just need to trust yourself and keep moving. Remember to keep learning and writing. Adding skills day by day and reading more books. Even though your 2021 was a rough start but it ended with amazing things, you are doing great, keep rewarding yourself!

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