My final days of 100 days journey!

I was not able to continue till 100 days but I continued my journey till day 50. The reason I stopped was because I want to get started into K8s community and I have been trying to read basic concepts and everything but having office and at the same time reading about k8s and it’s concepts and the 100 challenge; altogether was being very tough to maintain. Also the purpose for which I started my 100 days Python journey I felt I was able to fulfill, I wanted to have confidence and the concepts clear. I was able to get the OOPS concept and that was the most important part for me. In anyway, I realized that programming is not something one can achieve in certain days it’s a continuous practice, it’s a skill but I also need to start understanding other things or concepts and even I must try learning other programming language. Earlier I was not confident with Python but now that I am confident I can also take another step to learn other programming languages and learn new concepts. Hence, below is the list of last days on what I learnt!

Day 41 – Reviewed and read about class, instance and constructor method. OOPS is an interesting concept and my concepts got really cleared.

Day 42 – Read about class instances and object instances, the differences and how an object is created and initiated with help of constructor method. I also did one code which was given as an example.

Another experience which I wanted to share is that I volunteered PyCon 2021 this time and I had amazing time.

Day 43 – The next day was PyCon 2021 happening hence I had meetings for it.

Day 44 and Day 45 was the D-day, PyCon happened and I volunteered as speaker coordinator. It was a new experience but I also met new folks and also became part of PyLadies Bangalore.

Day 46 – Read about class variables and instance variable, wrote code to understand this and read about custom exception and did another code using custom exception.

Day 47 – Read about multiple inheritance, did three codes and among these three I tried doing two codes using regex module. Doing this code mage Regex concept clearer to me.

Day 48 – Did some more 2-3 codes

Day 49 – Did one code to read an ASCII string an converted it to unicode string

Day 50 – Read about encapsulation and how to delete an object

And yeah that was my 50 days journey.

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