Last 9 days(100 days of journey)

Day 32 – Watched another detailed video about Regex module and the concept was pretty much clear. No code done but just read about regex.

Day 33 – Solved one code using class and sub-class. It was simple and I understood it.

Day 34 – Started watching videos on OOPS series, and got to know about class instance and did 2 codes using class to calculate simple area and parameters. This challenge helped me atleast to move further and reach to OOPS concept. Earlier I could not maintain the practice and hence these topics seemed so far and untouchable.

Day 35 – An immense hectic day, went to college and got very very tired. No coding done!

Day 36 – Solved a question using class and sub-class, watched a video first and got hold of the concept and also learnt about static method and class method.

Day 37 – Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, no coding done but started contribution to Kubernetes docs.

Day 38 – Learnt about inheritance, watched a video and did a code using inheritance, but an error popped up, did second code raise an exception error read about.

Day 39 – A friend helped me out with the error, seemed like I had a doubt for argument passing, reviewed the code but did not completed the code.

Day 40 – Solved the issue, pushed the solutions into the PR and also got some PDFs on OOPS concept. Did another code on try and except block and watched a video regarding it.

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