Solved my own problem (just by searching by myself)

So, an amazing thing happened. My company training sessions are going to start from tomorrow and it recommended me to install Microsoft Teams app. Henceforth, I clicked onto the given link and went for downloading the app. Lucky enough they also had options for Linux users and for both RPM and DEB packages. Initial approach was just keep clicking; continue and my software manager would install the app but unfortunately it was failing to install and showed an error that due to internet connection the download was failed. I checked my internet connection and it was running just fine, tried again and failed again. Here comes the beauty of using Linux, when things don’t happen in a simple way just a little bit of research and commands would be the savior of the day. Hence, I tried searched a bit and typed those commands, and they were very simple. Just three commands and problem solved.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install snapd
$ sudo snap install teams-for-linux

But alas! again when I went to install snapd package it failed and hence, I again did some research and found an amazing blog regarding this problem. So, here’s what I got to know about snap and why am I using it.

Snap packages (snaps) are software packages that have been bundled with all their dependencies for easy installation, initially developed by Canonical for Ubuntu. Snaps are now available for all major Linux distributions. Snappy is the package manager used to manage snap. Snapd is the service running snap (snap daemon). The command for installing snap is not working because the ATP is blocking from getting it installed. So? the solution was to; open the file named nosnap.pref in /etc/apt/preferences.d

nosnap.pref in /etc/apt/preferences.d

and I could have either deleted the file or commented few lines mentioned in the blog. So I chose to comment out the lines and then again run the command for installing the snap package. Voila! my problem was solved and I was able to install the snap package.

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