A note to myself, college journey ended!

Well, in my last to last blog I wrote about my cultural fest happening in the college and how I was a part of it. So here’s an update "we" the final year were able to successfully present an amazing cultural fest 2021 and people enjoyed it. I can give you some insights as to what themes we kept this time; mostly we kept our theme in dedicating to all the late actors, singers, dancer who died in this pandemic situation. Also we dedicated a part to all the covid front-line warriors and we bought a famous bengali artist as our guest. All in all the last few weeks just passed by in just a gust of wind. Like all I knew was our cultural fest ended, our last year project presentation happened, grand viva happened and suddenly our semester dates were given. We had three subjects this time and Whoop! Finished, our college journey ended all our four years of memories came to an end, well not four technically three, because we had been locked in our homes for last year. But the saddest part is we were not able to adieu goodbye to all our friends because all had their jobs and their joining dates were given and everything happened up in a blink of eye.

But whatever memories happened good or bad it helped me to grow up in person what I am today, at times I was angry and frustrated when I had betrayals or felt alone but now I know that those experiences were all important to create ‘me’ the person I am today! A new phase will begin, my journey as an employee will begin and I know the road from now on will be more tough or it will not be a flower path and honestly I don’t want a flower path because these scars will make me a better version of myself.

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