Being an organizer for my college fest!

Hooray!! The much awaited moment for most of my batch-mates and me; to organize my college’s cultural event has arrived. Although this is my last year as a final year student, I missed most of my time for being in the college and friends just wandering around and having fun. Another perks of being in your 3rd year or your final year is to organize events. Well my batch missed the chance when we were in 3rd year (thanks to Covid),and you probably might wonder what event 3rd year organizes? Nothing very creative but every college has it’s own way to engage students and we in our entire year enjoy 3 events:

    1. Meet ( which is a farewell party to Final year students)
    1. Cultural Fest
    1. Tech Fest

And among these, the cultural and tech fest is organized by final year students, only the Meet is organized by 3rd year students. Well now you know, me and my batch mates missed our chance to organize and present farewell to the would be graduates. But luckily as the "work from home" era started we all learnt to do online events and hence we did not sit back and started organizing our Cultural Fest 2k21. Organizers were us – the final year. To make my memory of organizing the event in a much better way I would everyday write down by blog journal of how things were going? and how am I learning things from organizing this event.

Organizing any event helps one to tackle different areas and settle it and present it beautifully. Starting day one that is today – I am in the department for music and along me were my other friends who were with me. Initially things were a little different, as there’s a saying "Too many cooks spoil the broth". Everyone wants to keep talking in the meeting, and what I observed was nobody was patient enough to listen the other members talking. I considered myself lucky that attending any open source community call at least taught me that one should be respectful and at the same time one must keep quiet and listen first. As few days passed and few meetings happened I almost suggested everyone to be quiet and patient and listen and surprisingly people listened to me and tried at least, still few people were there who reacted the same way.

Ah! yes my day one. Well I interacted first time with my juniors through the singing and poetry auditions and I was awestruck. There were so many first year students who were really talented, some were amazing in writing self-poetry and some were amazing in playing different instruments. I wish I had met these juniors earlier we could have put on some great shows. One thing which greatly helped was creativity, creating a list of events and it should not be monotonous specially if you are hosting an online event was quite a job. So my day one was pretty crazy, a lot of meetings and auditions and phone calls happened but yes it was good. Let’s look forward to day two!

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