The next books on my list!

Although I have never been a book worm, and even I did not get the atmosphere of reading books a lot when I was growing but when I was in class 8 my library period played a major role for inculcating the magic of reading a book in me. I chose Nancy Drew from the shelf of books, and then it was one book after the other. I started enjoying and the most amazing part which I realized was I had my imagination playing in my mind. My grandpa is a bookworm and has his own library in our home. The question might pop up that if my grandpa had a room filled with books why did not I get the atmosphere of reading? Well, I did not lived with my grandparents back then, I grew mostly on Southern and Western part of India (Mysuru and Udaipur).

After my board exam I decided to reward myself with a book and bought my first book The Immortals of Meluha. and it just blew my mind. Hence, my love for reading books evolved; although from my class 11-12 I could not read or buy any book because of "pressure". Even when I entered my college, the schedule was quite tight to take out time and read book but still I managed to buy some more books and tried reading it. Up until now I have The Power of Subconcious Mind. and I have not been able to complete this book because it is bit of much grown-up book for me. I have to read it thrice to understand the concept, and Wuthering Heights, The Upside Down King and few more mini books (names I don’t remember).

The next books on my list is recommended list of books (from one of my inspired idol of k-pop group BTS) which I’ll buy one by one with my pocket money (as I have been doing) and I am very excited to read them. Those books are

The list goes on but these are few books which I am really excited for. Happy reading!

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