Lost a chance but Won an experience!

It has been almost 2 months since I have been off from writing my blog. It has not been an easy time, and I thought of taking a short break; things always got overwhelming, and I could not manage them properly. It was perhaps because of that, that I felt guilty about not being able to stay up to the mark.. But my mentors always taught me "it’s okay to pause but you must resume" hence I am resuming my one habit which gives me peace and teaches me something every-time I write. I last wrote on 28th April so I’ll be more regular.

With that out of the way, let me tell you the reason for today’s title – it also happens to be one of the reasons for my inactivity. I applied to an open-source internship program which happens one in summer round and another in winter around. In this program, if your initial application is accepted you can contribute to any of their listed projects and then there will be final selection. My journey began when my initial application was selected; I was ecstatic and determined to try my best and contribute regardless of the final outcome.. I knew it that if I be a part of the community and contribute to it, I would step out of my comfort zone and push past my fear. So I chose a project named OpenStack and started off by reading about how to get connected, which channel, the other necessary steps and so on.

On the first day I started exploring the project, read documentation . To be honest it was not an easy project. There were lot of things happening and I had to grasp the basic concepts, but first I had to set up my project. My laptop did not met the required space, first few days went into these complications. Complications such as installing VirtualBox (read about it at the same time because this was my first time using or knowing about it) and then run the project so that it was easy to run the project, if by chance my project met with uncertain problems then I wouldn’t have to rebuild everything from scratch; but due to my low storage capacity I couldn’t successfully run the project. Next solution was to get a server/virtual machine and I am blessed being surrounded by mentors who will guide me in desperate times and I had my saviour; got a VM from him and again I started my set-up. What amazed me was the community members and the mentors constantly helping me, once I got the VM and I started again. But the problem this time was, because it was a VM it lacked a feature of a processor and the disadvantage this time was if things go South I had to rebuild the machine and start again from scratch. But by all luck things did not go South and it took me half-month to set-up the project, the mentor was super amazing and helped through the entire process. To run the project I had to run a script but somehow the script was not able to run and there was an error popping up. The mentor tried to run the entire script in her system and tried to see where are the things going wrong. Initially even in her system the script did not run properly and we both tried hard to find out the error together in the script. After few trials the script ran in her system properly but it wasn’t running in my system properly. But finally after few more days the script ran in my system successfully and I was able to set-up the project in my system after struggling for about half a month. I was panicking at the same time as there were only two weeks left before my contribution and final application submission. There were times where I lost hope but I got myself together and thought that I’ll still contribute even if I fail to submit my final application within the time limit . This project set-up not only tested my patience but taught a lot of other new things and concepts which I read and researched. Concepts such as VirtualBox, devsatck environment, kuryr-kubernetes, Finally, I made my first contributions and even worked on few other issues.

The D-Day – the day the results were to be announced; Unfortunately, I did not make it. It was an opportunity lost, but the experience of that one month taught me about community, people, how to start contributing, and how to proceed. I knew that this experience will break my shell and help me get out of my comfort zone which was very much required, and I longed for the day when I will be contributing to an open source project. I realized that, every community for any specific project is out there to help you but first I need to help myself to break the barrier of self-doubt and move ahead without worrying too much about the end result.

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