Starting Kubernetes journey!

Let me apologize for the not being consistent with my blogs. I was busy preparing for some placement exams(again) and joined another community, The Kubernetes. Well joining did not take my time mostly I tried applying for an internship and I am still in the process for being accepted and rejected. Given the present situation COVID-19 is on creating a havoc on the mankind. Hence, having a peace of mind is utterly necessary in this situation.

This February, I became a part of Kubernetes community, and since then I have met some new folks and amazing people who are always willing to guide me in my desperate times. But my journey to learn and get into these concepts started a month back. Today is 24 April, 2021 and on this day 24 March I knew nothing about any of the things which these 31 days taught me. This has bought me more confidence on myself where I doubted myself; Will I be able to learn this on my own? Will I be able to contribute? Will I be able to meet amazing mentors/folks? I look back to these days and think that learning is not an easy journey but you need to have an urge to believe in yourself. I applied for an internship and the internship requires you to contribute to any one pf the projects, and thus this has pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and start doing. "I want to thank me" a line by Calvin Cordozar ( a.k.a Snoop Dogg) and American rapper who said this line in his Hollywood speech. Yes! Believe in yourself without this you cannot push yourself hard.

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