Writing after ages!

Seems like ages, although I wrote a blog last month i.e February. But I was stuck because of my interviews, yes! it is still happening and I am not waiting anymore for any placement miracle to happen. Until last year or say till January I was waiting and dying to see that one mail of acceptation from any of the company but now I know that it is not worth wasting my time right now. There’s no harm in keeping my progress and keep learning my course. Breaks once in a while is necessary but then I must come back and be consistent and that is what I am trying again. To be consistent.

To summarize what new I have learnt is that I got to know another community and I will try to learn more about it. My Python skills have improved a little bit better than what I had started but still there is more room for correction and I will work on it. Not to over work yourself and take time to grasp one concept at a time. This was my bad habit to take everything at once and then keep juggling around with it. The importance of accepting the fact that to increase knowledge and importantly to make perfection one must need to invest time, patience and dedication into it. So I will not let myself overthink or over-work this time and will take things slowly but consistently along with enjoying life.

I will also start working out again which was stuck for the last 3 months and I now know that giving time is the ultimate key rather than taking 50 tasks and over-working one self.

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