What no one tells you about “How parents will react to your love life?”

Yes! Love a beautiful 4 letter word which not only makes you feel amazing but also makes you realize how important one’s presence can change your life. It might be good or even bad where you learn some harsh truth and take lessons and move on. We often hear story about couples sharing their love stories, how they met, how they continued their journey and etc…But no one tells you about "How their parents reacted after learning about their children’s choice?"

Parents! the pillars of our guidance our upbringing, our heroes and our support without whom we wouldn’t have been on this earth. Every parent dreams and hopes a very bright and perfect life for their children and for that they sacrifice a lot. But along with time their expectations sometimes creates a burden for their child, sometimes regarding academics and sometimes after their child has grown up. Every mother and father wants to give their youngster the very best. Youngsters on the other hand has grown up with their cultural values and now sets foot on the outer world where he/she is finally in a stage to earn for themselves and while this journey starts some find their soulmates here on this journey. For them their partner is the other half with whom they enjoy their company and love to spend time together. For them caste, religion, sex doesn’t matter because everything is fair in LOVE.

With every bit of courage now comes the time where they think that it is time to officially let their parents know about their partners. And in India love is not the ingrediant for you to finally choose your partner and her/him your wife/husband. Here comes the main part parent’s reaction!

  • From girl’s side her parents will check and tick each and every statistical detail for the boy’s family background. The home town, his parent’s, his relatives, his friends even. His characterial certificate(which is every parent’s concern because they don’t want their babies heart to get crushed and betrayed) .
  • From boy’s side his parent’s will verify the girl’s background, whether she is virgin or not whether she is from a well-mannerd girl or not no matter how much she earns or what she does for a living. Her character certificate of course how can we forget that, her attire sensibility because now she will be representing her husband’s house. One wrong move from the girl and the family’s name will go down with her.

And for god’s sake if the couple turns out to be from LGBTQ community then be prepared for an ambulance because there will be heart attack for any of the one parent.

I just want to ask something… Just because you take care of your infants and teach them your values to prepare for a better citizen why is it always that all your expectations comes to such a high level that you think that they must choose their partners according to your choice? Specially in India along with the couple the families are also married. Parents at this time should be a friend and respect their children’s choice not judge them and question them! Be a support like you’ve always been. If the choice goes wrong don’t criticize and blame them for their choices for they did not choose their partners knowing that they will break their heart.

They need you always, they need your advice and guidance always but don’t think that every advice you give to them it is their responsibility to take that advice and make it a decision.

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