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Features of file-system

You rarely need to scan the entire partition for errors, as everything but the very last transaction has been logged and confirmed, so it takes almost no time to check.‚Äč Even if you do check the whole filesystem, newer filesystems have been designed with fast fsck in mind; older filesystems did not think much about… Continue Reading →

Knowing about I/O scheduling

Hardware access time should be minimized, i.e. requests should be ordered according to the physical location on the drive. Requests should be merged to an extent possible to get as big as contiguous region as possible which in turn reduces the disk space. Requests should be satisfied with as low latency as possible. Latency is… Continue Reading →

Process Monitoring

ps – gives detailed information about processes. top – command is used to know process activity and dynamical updates. uptime – tells you for how long your system have been running and the average load. pstree – a tree detailed information about processes. sar – displays and collect information about system utility. strace – gives… Continue Reading →


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